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DAD Ayurveda prescriptions for newborns.

Ayurveda,  tips for newborns, Ayurveda, parenting, taking care of a newborn Baby Care is important to reduce the risk of diseases by preventing strangers from touching the baby, especially because immunity does not develop until the third year. Or the fourth month.
The ups and downs of life have always been accompanied by Ayurveda customs and rituals for millennia. Some of these seem very simple, some unfathomable, but they exist and they all have hidden values. The birth of a baby is one of those pivotal moments that changes the course of our lives, and when celebrations are in order, emphasis should be placed on giving the newborn the best chance of becoming a healthy person. ,
At the same time, it is equally important to take care of the new mother, who has probably experienced the joys and sweet labor of motherhood for the first time in her life, and needs all the care and attention from the people around her.
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