There exists a tremendous opportunity in the Indian Potential In Healthcare industry.

This is clearly borne out by the following:

The wave across various sectors in India Potential In Healthcare has led to a more demanding consumer, whose awareness levels have risen significantly in the last few years. The consumer now has greater expectations and demands regarding the quality of healthcare.

  • The size of the healthcare industry in India is just 5% of  the GDP, as compared to the United States, where this figure stands as high as 17%. In fact, healthcare is the largest industry in the USA.
  • India, on an average, 11% of the annual household income is spent on healthcare . Not only this, 25% of the people believe that this figure is likely to go up.
  • Further, the same study indicates that close to 68% of  the healthcare spending is on the day to day healthcare needs alone.
  • The healthcare industry in India is expected to cross Rs.1000 billion in  the next three years.
  • The Role of Consumerism 

This is especially true of the quality of primary healthcare services available in the country today. Given the backdrop of extremely high fragmentation, reliability and accessibility continue to be a distant dream. The consumer’s current experience with a host of polyclinics and diagnostic centres, which have little regard for quality, has been disappointing.

Today’s consumer is sensitive to both – care and cure – and is hungry for information. And he is willing to dig deeper into his pockets to get that extra reliability, reassurance and convenience.

There is only one logical conclusion to draw from all this. The healthcare industry, which is rightly perceived to be recession-proof, is set for unprecedented growth. And it offers some exciting opportunities in the area of primary and preventive healthcare.

The Disha Arogya Dham Group is uniquely positioned to seize this opportunity through its initiative, DAD Ayurveda Naturopathy Chikitsalya

The Indian healthcare industry is poised for significant growth, presenting a tremendous opportunity for investment and development. Here are several key points highlighting this potential:

  1. 1. **Healthcare Expenditure as a Percentage of GDP**: The healthcare industry in India constitutes only 5% of the GDP, whereas in the United States, it is as high as 17%. This disparity underscores the untapped potential in India’s healthcare sector.
  2. 2. **Household Spending on Healthcare**: On average, Indian households spend 11% of their annual income on healthcare. Moreover, 25% of the population believes this expenditure will increase, reflecting a rising demand for healthcare services.
  3. 3. **Day-to-Day Healthcare Needs**: A significant portion, about 68%, of healthcare spending in India is dedicated to day-to-day healthcare needs. This indicates a substantial market for primary and preventive healthcare services.
  4. 4. **Projected Industry Growth**: The Indian healthcare industry is expected to exceed Rs. 1000 billion within the next three years, indicating rapid growth and expansion potential.

Role of Consumerism

The increasing consumerism across various sectors in India has also permeated the healthcare industry. Consumers are becoming more aware and demanding better quality healthcare services. This shift in consumer behavior is particularly noticeable in primary healthcare services, where high fragmentation has resulted in issues of reliability and accessibility. The current experience with polyclinics and diagnostic centers, which often lack quality, has been unsatisfactory for many.

Today’s healthcare consumers are not only concerned with treatment but also with the quality of care they receive. They are well-informed and willing to spend more for reliable, convenient, and high-quality healthcare services.


Given the recession-proof nature of the healthcare industry, it is set for unprecedented growth. This growth is particularly promising in the areas of primary and preventive healthcare, where there is a pressing need for improvement and development.

Opportunity for Disha Arogya Dham Group

The Disha Arogya Dham Group is well-positioned to capitalize on these opportunities through its initiative, DAD Ayurveda Naturopathy Chikitsalya. By focusing on primary and preventive healthcare, and leveraging the increasing consumer demand for quality services, the group can play a pivotal role in transforming the Indian healthcare landscape.

In summary, the combination of low current healthcare expenditure as a percentage of GDP, high household spending on healthcare, significant spending on day-to-day healthcare needs, and rising consumer expectations, all point to a bright future for the Indian healthcare industry. This environment offers a fertile ground for investment and innovation, particularly in primary and preventive healthcare sectors.


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