Diploma in Yogic Science

Course Name & Details Marks (Theory)
Yoga introduction: definition of yoga, purpose, importance, type, history, life introduction (100 Marks)
(Human Physiology): Body organization, Blood circulation system, Digestive system, Respiratory system, Composition of heart, Renal-brain-nasal structure, Gynecology, Immune system, Gland (100 Marks)
Introduction of Naturopathy: Introduction to Naturopathy, History, Other Medical Practices, Prana Energy, Health and Diseases (100 Marks)
(Hatha Yoga): definition of Hatha Yoga, purpose, introduction of vessel, pranayama, mudra (100 Marks)
(Five Elements): Water, Air and Fire element healing, importance of Earth and Sky element (100 Marks)
(Practical): Pranayama, Asana, Mudra Bandha, Hexkarma, Naturopathy, Moukhiki (100 Marks)
Note: The duration of this course is one year. During the course, a workshop will be organized by the institute. The duration, location and time of the workshop will be decided by the institute. It will be mandatory for every student to participate in the workshop. Only then students will be able to appear in the experimental examination.