Doctor Partner Program

In this article, you will not only be introduced to the whole concept of the “DPP” Doctor Partner Program but also dive into getting that head-start for yourself at the right time.

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  1. Overview of the subject & its significance
  2. Reasons you should consider implementing DPP
  3. Steps to pull off doctor partner programs all by yourself

The number of doctors, healthcare organizations, and patients has grown over the years. Is the increase helping you to progress on an individual level? Have you made the most out of the abundant resources? If you think you are falling short of something then, there are enough resources to fill the gap.
Be it a talent void in your hospital or a resource limitation in your clinic or nursing home there is another healthcare provider near you who can fill that void.

The needs of a healthcare institution are increasing with the healthcare needs of people. Having it all in one stop is a requisite for people to prefer you as the provider amidst your counterparts and voids in competitors. Well-established hospitals need patients with needs that align with their specialty. When capabilities are not uniform in your fraternity collaboration becomes the key.
Doctor partners can prove to be saviors in need, imagine if another healthcare provider can bring you an apt patient and also provide his service to achieve common goals.

But there are an enormous amount of solution providers to fill up such talent voids in your healthcare institutions.

A doctor partner program is exactly the solution you need to take your healthcare business to the next level of success through meaningful and productive collaboration. A doctor partner program is one way to let you make the right collaborations at the right time.
Imagine a way out of the limitations that you have as a healthcare provider, it would all probably boil down to two different things either you don’t have the people for it or you don’t have the cutting-edge resources for catering to the people. One single solution that can serve as a great savior and enable you to unearth your fullest potential as a healthcare organization is the doctor partner program.

  1. Increase the strength of your referral marketing system
    A successful DPP will get you productive contacts and referral partners. Your doctor partners will take you to the right patient with needs that align with your area of specialty when your organization needs it. Doctor partners can fill in all the gaps in between you and your organizational goal.
  2. Get great talent resource
    Not all the best brains can be hired; there are a lot of people in and around you with a varied set of professional skill sets with expertise and finesse in many disciplines of healthcare who are not associated with your healthcare organization.
    Doctor partner program lets you utilize their potential when you are in need. A specialist in a particular discipline may not have all the right resources to satisfy his patients when you partner with them the patient can get a wholesome healthcare experience as a result of your resources and his potential.
  3. Collaborate for mutual advantage
    The doctor partner program is fundamentally designed in such a way that it benefits each one involved. The organizer of the program, the doctor partner, and the patient in need benefited from this partnership for a purpose.
    All three parties involved attain the ultimate purpose of a doctor partner program- to provide and get the best healthcare solution at the right time.
  4. Increase your success rate
    As discussed before the doctor partner program is the most systematic and effective way to fill in professional voids in any aspect. Your success rate is a mere result of your professional skills, patience with needs that align with your area of expertise, and strong infrastructural capabilities.
    It is apparent that not often all these requisites come together. But when different sources can offer different value addition the result of the collaboration will be to provide the best healthcare solution to people which indeed will increase your professional merit.
  5. Attain the ultimate goal of delivering world-class healthcare to each one possible
    The ultimate goal for any healthcare provider is to maximize the use of their capabilities and make a difference in as many lives as possible. Partnering with other healthcare providers who may complement their capabilities will accelerate the process of providing cures to as many as possible.

Steps to pull off successful doctor partner programs all by yourself:

A successful doctor partner program should be clear on its objectives; it should have a systematic approach towards networking with your co-doctors. A great doctor partner program should give you the best partners to make your healthcare organization a successful one in every aspect possible. If an organization is not able to capture the right talent as employees, the second most feasible option is to collaborate with them and this is enabled through an effective doctor partner program.

Connecting and communicating is the fundamental requirement to create an efficient functional network to fetch you the best doctor partners possible.

How to plan a successful doctor partner program?

  1. Identify your DPs.
    Select a group of doctors who qualify your partner requirement, restrict your program, and appeal to the ones that you prefer and to the ones that prefer you this will bring out the best results from a doctor partner program. The quality of your doctors who are also your potential partners is more important than the quantity of the doctors in your program.
    Your Doctor partners can come from two different categories – Primary care and secondary care. Each one may have patients with all kinds of needs, partnering will let them steer patients toward you. Individual practitioners – Doctors who have great capabilities and are facing limitations because of their small-scale resources and infrastructure can prove to be a great asset to your organization. Often they are overwhelmed by the availability of a wide range of cutting-edge medical equipment and high-quality infrastructure that you have in your hospital. Individual practitioners with clinics or primary nursing homes can become consultant doctors in your hospital. The right amalgamation of capabilities and resources can make your healthcare organization produce success stories at a higher rate.
  2. Carry on a systematic process
    As a step to initiate the program, invite your target DPs to an informal dinner. Put forth every possible information about your healthcare organization and what difference such individual doctors can bring to your healthcare organization. While you build relationships you are also searching for potential partners who will help you succeed in your healthcare mission, and provide them with enough information for them to collaborate with your organization.
  3. Speak through your marketing collaterals
    Your marketing collaterals are the major source for people to look into verified information about you, your brochure and other materials can be documented are referred to when required by your prospects. Always keep your marketing collaterals handy because they are the salesman in print.
  4. Narrate your strengths and success stories
    The process does not end with you choosing your doctor partners but your doctor partners must choose you. So make sure they know the best about your hospital and services. Project your milestones and patient testimonial, tell them that you have been a strong provider and you want to become stronger with them.
  5. Elaborate about facilities
    The major advantage that you have over your potential DPs is that you have enormous resources and facilities to provide. In contrast, they have capabilities that have limitations regarding resourcefulness. Tell your potential partners about how much potential you have, and make them aware of the cutting-edge equipment that you have. Please give them a memorable insight into your infrastructure. Let them know how fruitful events can happen when they collaborate with your establishment.
  6. Nurture your leads
    A well-structured and systematic process carried out you will have leads coming your way, make sure you categorize them into different zones and give them the right follow-up process. Your leads come in three categories Hot, Warm, and cold each with its requirements, to convert them into your partners make sure you have a systematic process to follow up.
    Through this article, you have had the key takeaways about why and how effective partnerships can help you build an even more impactful healthcare brand. The industry is beyond the borders you have set for yourself, partners across specializations, and regional locations, and encourages diverse approaches to meet the same goals.
    A bit of dynamism and disruption of traditional healthcare business running methodologies can bring in new energy & enthusiasm in you to serve your people in better ways than you thought.
    Understand that,

“Alone You May Run Faster, Together You Will Run Long”
Build on each other to Build a Great Healthcare Business that Makes the World a Healthier Place to Live…

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