The word Naturopathy is partly derived from the Latin word (Nature) and partly from the Greek word Pathos which suggests natural remedies for all afflictions. In this system, any health disorder will be treated with or through nature. Being unnatural and man-made, no medicine is used.

According to naturopathy when we use any medicine for treatment, we actually take our body system by surprise as the body cannot assimilate it naturally. Conversely, in most cases, the drugs suppress the body’s immune system and produce toxic side effects. Many times, the side effects are more dangerous than the original disease for which the drug was prescribed. Naturopathy practice, on the other hand, is based on a belief in the body’s ability to heal itself by a natural, internal healing process.

Western naturopaths claim that Hippocrates, the Ancient Greek “father of medicine”, is the first proponent of a naturopathic approach to healing. But Indian naturopathy derives its strength from India’s own medical treatise, Ayurveda, which is more than 5,000 years old. It believes that life is an intrinsic part of an all-pervading nature governed by the 5 noble elements (Pancha Mahabhutas) – the earth. Water, fire, air and space, and human life are a product of this great cosmic design. Therefore the key to its existence must be found in nature itself.

Naturopathy is ‘holistic’ in its approach to taking the human body as a whole – it treats the root cause of a disease and not the symptoms. Diagnosis and treatment use natural methods that promote the body’s own ability to heal. Naturopaths focus on treatments based on natural forces, completely abstaining from surgery and the use of drugs. The aim of naturopaths is to prevent disease by making dietary and lifestyle changes, reducing stress, and rejecting symptomatic treatment methods of other systems.

A naturopath consultation begins with a patient interview focused on lifestyle, medical history, body language, and emotional state, as well as a physical exam. Here the doctor will not prescribe medicines, but if one is already using, then seeing the health condition of the patient, the doctor can help in gradually reducing the dosage and other traditional medical approaches such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, Integrate diet, and lifestyle counseling with naturopathy. , Counseling involves making patients aware of the cause of the disease.

Naturopathy treatments at DAD include:

Hydrotherapy – Hydrotherapy uses the healing potential of water in the form of various baths, jets, Jacuzzis, various underwater treatments, colonization, aquatic exercises, swimming, etc.

Mud Therapy – Mud is one of the five elements of nature which has an immense effect on health as well as disease in the body. Treatments are full-body mud baths, various packs, bakes, etc.

Manual Therapy – It includes various treatments like Oil therapy, Vibro therapy, hot stone therapy, deep tissue therapy, DAD Ayurveda therapy, etc. for better blood circulation.

Fasting Therapy – Fasting is the supreme cure in Ayurveda and Naturopathy. DAD provides therapeutic fasting in which specific juices/soups are given according to the disease condition. It helps to eliminate toxins by relaxing the digestive system and enhancing the healing properties within our system.

Aquatic Exercise – An aquatic exercise is a physical form of therapy that is taught in swimming pools and is a part of our naturopathy treatment. This is especially for those people who have physical limitations to perform asana in general.

Naturopathy involves taking the body as a whole, which is attributed to a normal state of recovery. It holds that falling ill is not natural and illness is the result of a violation of the law of nature. To regain health, we must activate our body’s inherent power, and a natural way of life can only activate that innate power, and the human system needs to remove the toxins that cause disease from the body. Can help.

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