DAD Ayurveda Medicine For Blocked Fallopian Tubes

DAD Ayurveda for Blocked Fallopian Tube

Fertilization, where the “sperm” meets the “Egg”, occurs in the Fallopian tubes.

DAD Ayurveda Medicine For Blocked Fallopian TubesDAD Ayurveda Blockage in one or both fallopian tubes can make it difficult to conceive and can lead to infertility in many cases. Blockage of the fallopian tubes is a common cause of fertility problems in women; It can also lead to ectopic pregnancy, in which many women experience discomfort in the abdominal (pelvic) area, pain during ovulation, and menstruation. This condition can reduce your chances of getting pregnant naturally and is believed to be the cause of 25-35% of cases of female infertility.

What’s the reason cause Fallopian Tube is blocked?

Fallopian Tube blockage can cause by due to inflammation, poor blood circulation, surgery damaged tissues, or other organs in the pelvic area, which have suffered from energy blockage that leads to Fallopian Tube being blocked. Below are some common reasons:

  • Pelvic or abdomen area inflammation (excessive fluid)
  • Fallopian Tube scar by abdominal organs surgery damage or physical accident
  • Poor blood circulation due to the accumulation of excessive fatty tissues, body fluid, or blood clotting
  • Functional imbalance of the Fallopian tubes due to low energy levels

These causes can relate to stress, unhealthy lifestyle, especially overweight, IBS, PCOS, Endometriosis, chronic fatigue, weak immune system, infection by sexual disease, or damage during surgery. 

How Does Fallopian Tube Blockage Lead to Infertility?

 Fallopian tube blockage can make it difficult to conceive because the tubes are blocked or there is less space for sperm or fertilized eggs to pass through. It is not entirely impossible to get pregnant because of a blockage of the Fallopian tubes, but it does make it more difficult. Prognosis depends on where the tube has been blocked the extent of the damage, and whether both tubes are blocked, or one

How does DAD Ayurveda Medicine work to Unblock Fallopian Tube?

As DAD Ayurveda Medicine is a holistic approach, different DAD Ayurveda medical therapy and natural herbs work to reduce the symptoms as well as eliminate the root cause of the blockage. By promoting the body’s vital Uterus flow, increasing blood circulation, and unblocking energy channels, the aim is to achieve balance and unblocked Fallopian Tube functions and activities.

Taking a Deeper Look 

DAD Ayurveda medicine is based on the philosophy of balancing nature. In the case of Fallopian tube blockage, we categorize 4 main patterns in the Ayurveda clinic area. Its diagnosis is based on experienced symptoms and medical history, both of which also help to pinpoint the root cause of the blockage. 

  1. Endometriosis is a blood stasis

Mainly symptoms are serious periods of cramping pain on the side of the pelvic, or pain and discomfort during ovulation. There is a history of stress or injuries due to an accident or surgery, which damaged Fallopian Tube.

Symptoms include severe period cramps on the side of the pelvic, or pain and discomfort during ovulation. This is usually present in people who have a history of stress or injuries due to accident or damage to the Fallopian Tubes from any previous surgery. 

  1. Kidney and Lever deficiency

Mainly symptoms are pelvic area cramping pain, gas, and bloating, the lower part of the body has water retention, coldness or cold air in the abdomen are, unexplained infertility, fatigue

Symptoms include:  Cramps in the pelvic area, gas and bloating, the lower part of the body has water retention, coldness, unexplained infertility, fatigue

  1. Dampness-heat obstructs energy channel

Mainly symptoms are overweight, anxiety, craving food, bloating and gas, period pain in the pelvic area, pain and discomfort during ovulation time on the side of the pelvic area, and infertility.

Symptoms include Overweight, anxiety, food cravings, bloating and gas, period pain in the pelvic area, pain and discomfort during ovulation time on the side of the pelvic area, and infertility.

  1. Fallopian Tube damaged by surgery

Mainly symptoms are the Fallopian Tube area having hard tissues or scar, chronic local pain, and discomfort, having surgery of pelvic organs history or infection, serious pain and discomfort, and infertility. 

Symptoms include: Fallopian Tubes and the surrounding area have hard tissues or scar, chronic local pain, and discomfort, a history of surgery of pelvic organs or infection, severe pain and discomfort, and infertility. 

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What’s Does DAD Ayurveda Medicine treatment involves?

DAD Ayurveda Medicine is an age-old medical system, dating back more than 5000 years. DAD Ayurveda medicine for blocked Fallopian tubes has been used successfully to relieve Fallopian tube blockage using fire therapy, cupping, moxibustion, herbal teas, and herbal supplements. Naturopathy in DAD Ayurveda medicine is based on the founding principle of balancing nature. With DAD Ayurveda therapy it is common to use a combination of treatments to achieve the desired results, the choice of combination and treatment will depend on the symptoms you are experiencing along with the root cause of the problem as well as your medical history.

How do Fire therapy, Cupping, and Moxibustion work?

DAD Ayurveda Medicine for Blocked Fallopian Tubes includes methods such as Fire therapy, cupping and moxibustion are often work together on increasing blood flowing and unblocked energy channels, To help clear up the blockage of damaged Fallopian tubes or speed up their natural healing.13 - DAD Ayurveda

Fire therapy is excellent for unblocked energy channels. It stimulates nerves, muscles, blood vessels, and lymphatic systems; works on reducing nervous system stress, relax muscle cramps and tightness, aids blood vessels pressure and tension, and eliminates lymphatic system circulate toxins. Overall, it helps blocked Fallopian Tube with an all-natural healing aspect.

Cupping helps to draw out the toxins accumulated in the pelvic area by pulling them into the skin, making it easier to clean. These toxins include excessive accumulation of fluids, bloating, gas, air, etc. It reduces swollen Fallopian tube tissue along with tension and pain. This liver helps unblock the kidney and spleen’s energy channels and ties those organs together to release vital uterine flow.

Moxibustion is herbal heat therapy, is transforming warmth Lever energy into Fallopian Tube and pelvic area, increasing Spleen and Kidney Lever energy levels. This ultra-Lever energy entire to boost vital Uterus flow, and blood circulation, eliminating accumulated blood clotting and repairing damaged

Additionally, it removes coldness or cold air in the pelvic area and promotes Fallopian Tube’s natural function and activity.

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Fresh Herbs and Herbal Supplements & Tea for Blocked Fallopian Tube

As we mentioned earlier there are 4 main treatment patterns observed in the case of Fallopian tube blockage. Each of which can be relieved with various herbs and daily supplements.

In the Case of the Uterus stagnant and Blood Stasis

Recommended Herbal Supplement: Safed Gunja, Menstrual Maintenance, Fallopian Maintenance

Recommended Herbal Ingredients: Origanum Majorana, Kadipatta, Ganbhari, Jungli Tulsi, Safed Kateri

What do these supplements and herbs do?

The natural herbal supplement and herbal ingredient will remove stagnation and eliminate blood stasis while increasing vital Uterus flow to provide relief from pain and repair any damaged tissues.

In the Case of Kidney and Lever deficiency

Recommended Herbal Supplement:  AswgandhaWomen’s Life PowerFallopian Maintenance

Recommended Herbal Ingredient: Red Aswgandha, Mandrake, Rudraksha, Amabel, Sadahari

What do these supplements and herbs do?

These natural herbal supplements and herbal ingredients work to promote the liver and uterus kidney energy, warm liver will increase vital uterine flow to remove accumulated chills and cold air, provide relief from cramps, bloating, water retention, and bloating will do 

In the Case of Dampness-heat obstruct the energy channel

Recommended Herbal Supplement: Orient Weight Management, Safed Gunja, Liquorice

Recommended Herbal Ingredient: Same, Lotus Seeds, Amomum Fruits, Sadahari, Agni Shikha

What do these supplements and herbs do?

Proposal those natural herbal supplements and herbal ingredients eliminate dampness-heat, unblocked energy channel, remove accumulated circle toxin, burn fat tissues and increase lymphatic system function. Furthermore, it reduces water retention and inflammation.

In the Case of a Fallopian Tube damaged by surgery

Recommended Herbal Supplement: Dhataki, Safed Gunja, Lotus Seeds Herba ingredients: Sindoor, Chandrapur, Lotus Seeds, Kachur, Rudraksha

What do these supplements and herbs do?

The proposal is that natural herbal supplements and herbal ingredients unblocked energy channels, promote blood circulation and increase nourishment. It reduces and removes accumulated blood clotting and body fluid speeding up damaged tissues and scar natural healing.

Safed Gunja

“Safed Gunja” & Ginger flowers are herbal blend supplements that enrich and restore blood (iron) deficiency, commonly known as anemia. This classic DAD Ayurveda formula can be used to regulate the menstrual cycle, support hormone balance, fertility concerns, and symptoms arising from blood deficiency.


” Ashwagandha” & Ginger flower is Ashwagandha supplements. Expertly formulated with a blend of white Aswgandha and red Aswgandha, ideal to add to your daily routine to harness the amazing health benefits of Ashwagandha including, boosting energy, reducing fatigue, and helping with IBS, PCOS, bloating, metabolism as well as fertility issues.

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