Salt Therapy Session

Salt Therapy Session

You all know a lot about salt therapy.

Salt Therapy Session

At DAD Ayurveda, we offer rejuvenating salt therapy sessions that can help improve your overall health and well-being. Our salt therapy is a natural and non-invasive treatment that utilizes the healing properties of salt to promote respiratory and skin health.

During a salt therapy session, you will relax in our specially designed salt room, which is filled with fine particles of pharmaceutical-grade salt. These salt particles are released into the air through a halogenerator, creating a microclimate similar to a natural salt cave. As you inhale the salty air, the microscopic salt particles will travel deep into your respiratory system, helping to clear mucus and reduce inflammation. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, bronchitis, and sinusitis.

In addition to respiratory benefits, salt therapy also provides numerous benefits for the skin. The natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of salt can help cleanse and detoxify the skin, improving conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. The salt particles in the air can also have a positive effect on the production of collagen, promoting a youthful appearance and reducing the signs of aging.

Our salt therapy sessions typically last for about 45 minutes to an hour, during which you can simply relax, read a book, or meditate. The session is completely safe and suitable for individuals of all ages, including children and pregnant women.

Regular salt therapy sessions can have significant long-term benefits for your respiratory and skin health. Many individuals experience improved breathing, reduced symptoms, and enhanced overall well-being after just a few sessions. However, for best results, we recommend a series of sessions over a few weeks or months.

If you’re looking for a natural and effective way to improve your health and well-being, book a salt therapy session at DAD Ayurveda today. Our experienced therapists will guide you through the process and ensure you have a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Say hello to better respiratory and skin health with salt therapy!

The wonders of salt medicine have been witnessed around the world for centuries. Is It Really a Miracle Cure – and How Can It Help You?

What is salt therapy?Salt Therapy

Salt therapy is a natural ancient healing system that incorporates drug-grade dry salt in a comfortable, controlled environment.

A special medical device called a halogen will disperse microscopic salt particles throughout the room. You’ll breathe these tiny particles deep into your airways and lungs, and they land on your skin as well.

Suitable for newborns, children, and adults, salt therapy can help soothe a long list of skin, respiratory and lifestyle conditions.

What conditions can salt therapy help?

Salt therapy can help relieve symptoms of skin diseases, respiratory diseases, cancer and lifestyle conditions, including:


eczema and psoriasis

hay fever


cold weather

sleepiness and snoring

stress, anxiety and fatigue

sports performance

What are the origins of salt therapy?

Benefits of salt therapy where workers in underground salt mines do not have respiratory and extreme diseases.

By peeling and grinding the salt, the miners produced fine-grained salt particles that were dispersed in the mine’s air and then inhaled.

What makes salt effective?

Dry salt is super absorbent and has natural antibacterial properties.

When inhaled after putting salt in the nose, the salt dilutes and liquefies your mucus, making it easier to breathe and removing pathogens, debris, and pollutants.

The dried salt particles gently stimulate your body’s natural cilia movement. Cilia help to keep our airways clear of mucus and dirt so that we can breathe comfortably. This process is accelerated with the help of salt. Rubbing oil on your airways will likewise clear salt, mucus, debris and pathogens.

For the skin, dry salt can absorb impurities, regulate pH levels and promote your skin’s ‘good’ bacteria. It improves the protective properties of the skin, reduces inflammation, and encourages natural exfoliation and regeneration.

How does salt therapy work on the salt of the earth?

When you enter our Salt Room, you will escape into a world of healing and peace. Each session lasts 45 minutes, which is perfect timing.

A comfortable room for adults with massage chairs and dimly lit

A private room for true peace and solitude

How to get the most out of salt therapy?

Salt therapy is a complementary medicine, designed to be used alongside traditional medicine. Like many aspects of a healthy lifestyle, consistency is important.

Salt therapy should be viewed as an ongoing therapy incorporated as part of a traditional healing system. We recommend talking to your doctor before starting salt therapy.

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